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Japanese group PRESENCE OF SOUL is led by female singer and composer YUKI, who also handles guitars…, keyboards.
She’s accompanied by a guitar player, a bass player and a drummer.
Album “Blinds” was released by French progressive music label, Musea Records in December 2008. And the album was distributed in 12 countries, Europe, USA, South America, etc… 

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Japanese group PRESENCE OF SOUL is led by a female singer and composer YUKI, who also handles guitar and keyboard. She is accompanied by two guitar players, a bass player and a drummer. The band played as a support act for the swedish musician “ANEKDOTEN” during their 2008 shows in Japan. From the very beginning, PRESENCE OF SOUL proved their absolute innovativion and matureness. Ethereal female vocal creates a sharp contrast with furious guitars and powerful drum. Gloomy atmosphere and great sense of slowliness (Without mentioning softness) evolving step by step with surging violence, reaching to its climax to the overwhelming maelstrom. You will surely be haunted for a long time after the listen…
They are skeptic towards the current music scene and the way venues are ran in Japan, thus they began looking abroad for new horizon where they could make music in a way that feels natural. Album “Blinds” was released through French progressive music label, Musea Records in December 2008, which was distributed in 12 countries including Europe, USA, and South America. This album was later released in Taiwanese version through “U LOUD MUSIC” label in July 2009, then played a special show in Taipei as a release tour. On January 2010, they went to go on an Europe tour to France and Belgium.
Two years later, they went through a line-up change and remaked all their songs. They also began incorporating visual images into their live performance. On the 2013 tour of Australia, after a show in Sidney, they co-starred an appearance in Melbourne with locally renowned post-rock band Laura. At these shows, they distributed limited-edition demo CDs. Then 3rd album “All Creation Mourns” was released (Vinyl and digital) in October 2015.
They went on a China tour and a French tour in 2017.
In 2018, They invited the French Funeral Doom band “MONOLITHE” to Japan and held a event for them in Tokyo.
Then they are going to release a new album in September 2019.

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Absence of Objective World

▶︎ Absence of Objective World | Presence of Soul | Presence of soul (

1.Boundary of Reality and Fiction 08:47
2.Antinomy 11:53
3.Silence and Connivance 09:11
4.Probability of Destruction and Hope 11:28
5.Calm Water (Bonus track) 03:31
The album deals with the perspective of “Umwelt”, where among all human emotions and values, the world is a collection of all of their “subjective reality”. And thus we are challenged on how we interpret the world and create reality and values. The concept of diving deeply into the human’s inner side of the heart gives synergistic effect to the music, providing both depth and heaviness.
released September 7, 2019

Guest Musicians:
Roel van Oosterhout (IZAH) : Guitar – Track1
Jean-Philippe Schopfer (RORCAL) : Guitar- Track2
Ryo Amamiya (Funeral Moth) : Vocal – Track2
Dairoku Seki (STORM OF VOID / ex-envy) : Drum- Track3
Ryota Okazaki (LZ129) : Noise – Track3
Eric Jernigan (ROSETTA) : Vocal and Lyrics – Track4

Album artwork: Tomoya Matsuura
(An artist who produces work using Scanning Electron Microscope)

Music Video: Philippe Léonard
(Member of Godspeed You! Black Emperor etc, as visual producer and live performance. 16mm film video artist.)

All Creation Mourns

▶︎ All Creation Mourns | Presence of soul (

1.the secret dogma that was forced to believe 02:16
2.The man who leads the mad horse 07:22
3.You’ll come to the apocalypse at last 11:48
4.Genom 03:57
5.Teaching of necessary evil 06:53
6.The ethics for human existence 02:47
7.Beyond the forest of realization 06:59
8.circulation 08:57
The 3rd album of Presence of soul “All Creation Mourns” is set to release on October 31st after 7 years of absence.
As our previous release, the album was mixed by Soichiro Nakamura who has worked with Yura Yura Teikoku and Boris.
The album was created with help from some great musicians.
Caz Gannell from Laura did the arrangement for strings and played cello, Bronwyn Henderson played violins, and Nao Anzai recorded the strings tracks.
Also Ryo (from wombscape) added a new and nice touch with his vocal to the instrumental song called “Genom” which is only included on vinyl.
released October 31, 2015

2nd Album "Blinds"

2008.8.22 out

TRACKLISTING: mortal sins and seven doors
2.sink low 
4.whitenoise snowfall  

album “Blinds” of Presence of soul, will be released by French record label, Musea Records. And the album will be distributed in 12 countries, Europe, USA, South America, etc… Please contact to distributor of each country.

Musea (France) / Higashi Msuic(Belgium) / Point Music(Germany) / Frontiers(Italy) / G.F.T. (Great-Britain) / Bertus (The Netherlands) / Mellotronen&Record Heaven(Sweden) / Music By Mail (Danemark) / Stereo KFT (Hungary) / Ales2Music (South Korea) / Jazzis Music (Israel) / Rock Symphony (Brazil) / Artur SIIM (Estonia) / Super D (USA) / Willy Lugeon (Switzerland) / Ipso Hacto (Canada) / Rock Serwis (Poland) / Mals Records (Russia)

amazon com(USA)




You can get our music on iTunes!!

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amazon ⁄ DISK UNION ⁄ TOWER RECORD ⁄ HMV ⁄ iTunes Store 《 iTunes DL 》

1nd Album “cause and effect”
2006.5.20 out

1.cause and effect(plologue)
2.kimi no ito
4.hikari no mukou
5.against the emotion 
6.owari no kisetsu no koku
8.cause and effect(epilogue)

You can get our music on iTunes!!

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(22) Presence of Soul – Tema – YouTube

(22) Presence of Soul – YouTube

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A brilliant Japanese band PRESENCE OF SOUL was formed around 2005, composed of Yuki (vocals, guitar), Yoshi (guitars), Mitsugu (drums) and Masamune (bass).
They released their debut album “Cause and Effect” in 2006, and their second year production “Blinds” appeared in 2008, the latter also available in Europe courtesy of Musea Records.
Since the band changed their formation considerably, with Yuki and Ysoshi remaining from the initial formation, complemented by Taihey (guitars), Kazuki (bass) and Tatsu (drums).
The presence of Soul’s post rock brand was influenced by people like GYBE !, Sigur Ros and Mogwai according to the very descriptions of the

The Band uses textures in layers of alternative, metal, progressive, melancholy, shoegaze, experimental, groove, drone, in an atmospheric background.

Their melodies are long, well-structured, immersive, with clean, murmuring and deep vocals, full of noisy, distorted, treble, precise, sliding riffs, a salient bass, percussion in both times and atmospheric and cinematic keyboards.

His third album “All Creation Mourns”, is intense, dark, intoxicating, dense, murmuring, beautiful strumming with details in strings and several special participations, always maintaining exquisite refinement and impeccable ease.

Your last album “Absence of Objective World”, is intense,
reflective, conceptual, immersive, full of evocative chords and arpeggios that erupt into ambiguous existential feelings in an engaging, pragmatic and narrative soundscape.

The arrangements are perfect, detailed, multifaceted, masterfully exploring all genres with a stupendous performance, the band’s best album, an unspeakable gem.

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