In the beginning there was only void. 

Into it the lord of duality devised a light. 

And a noise. 

We want to pay homage to that ancient creation of colors and sounds.

Want to travel beyond time and space ?

Come along,


… on a sonic ride of tranquility and turbulence, touching bluesy 60ies vibes morphing from blown harps into heavy stoner riffs, transmuting post metallic sounds, scary screams into nightly clarinets, elegiac voices and whispering waters.

Into the calm. Into the open.


February 2021

Oxomoco – we – are a brandnew band. Dedicated ourselves to the creation of sounds and vibrations we love. Set to our own musical exploration.

It´s something like a year ago when we got together to start something new that would do our musical and artistic  imagination justice. Something out of the box that renders homage to the Muses themselves. Something that withstands our demand and the qualities of the good old days of „rock„ music. Something that can make your mind travel.

And so we did. Now, in the beginning of 2021 we started releasing our first album. And would be delighted to perform live for you sometime, someplace soon. We are happy to have many talented friends on board for our undertaking.

Oxomoco was recorded by ourselves with Alexander Khromov / Sonic Boom Studios,  mixed by Kurt Balou / God City Studios, features Max Freigeist (Vox), Murphy Montana on harp, Norman van Haven on a special vocal track and the infamous choir of Doom.

Oxomoco  is Laurenz Mösbauer (guitars), Ulrich Retzow (drums) and Emanuel Pfitzner (bass & clarinet).

Since they were merely young lads hanging out in obscure  bars, rocking out at underground concerts, Laurenz and Ulrich also played together already in Munich´s „vivid„ music scene, rehearsing in basement storage rooms that smelled of sweat and old beer. Also bong water. Punk, Grunge and Metal being on the menu. But at the same time highly influenced by music of their Dad´s epoch. Progressive and

psychedelic sounds of the 60ies and 70ies that is. (Thanks Dads!)

A new chapter started when one decided to explore something untested. To study music far from home. Yet not cutting the bond of friendship. This chapter also led to Ulrich and Emanuel founding a new band, playing together for more than a decade now.

It´s  something like a year ago, when we would meet in Berlin with an idea in mind. To jam, to play, to plant the seed that has become Oxomoco.

And here we are today. Happy that everything makes sense now. Three guys in for a novel exploration. Three guys connecting the dots. Three guys pursuing a new musical and artistic adventure.

The age of the first sun has begun.

www.oxomoco.band                                 oxomoco.bandcamp.com




News & Letters




The Moment Before It Was Gone


“The Moment Before It Was Gone” is the 2nd track of our self-titled debut album “Oxomoco”.
It´s our meditational, floating on water tune. And features Emanuel on clarinet, as well as Max Freigeist on a freestyle vocal impro.

All songs will be released on bandcamp first. Bit by bit every few weeks.
Stay tuned!

  • only human humming, cries and groans
    released March 7, 2021
    guitars: Laurenz Mösbauer
    drums: Ulrich Retzow
    bass & clarinet: Emanuel Pfitzner
    special guest on vocal expressions: Max Freigeist

recorded in the spring of 2020 at
Sonic Boom Studios, Berlin
the basement studios (thanks Aike) ..

mixed by:
Kurt Balou / God City Studios

mastered by:
Alexander Khromov / Sonic Boom Studios

cover photo:
Fabian Pospiech / Fabz Black Fotos

Of Home


“Of Home” is the title track of our self-titled debut album “Oxomoco”.
It´s inspired by all them journeys from and to home.
We hold it dearly.

All songs will be released on bandcamp first bit by bit every few weeks.
Stay tuned!
*only human voices
released January 25, 2021
guitars: Laurenz Mösbauer
drums: Ulrich Retzow
bass: Emanuel Pfitzner

choir of doom:
Hannah Zieziula
Isi Niedermeier
Björn Vollmer
Laurenz Mösbauer

recorded in the spring of 2020 at
Sonic Boom Studios, Berlin
the basement studios..

mixed by:
Kurt Balou / God City Studios

mastered by:
Alexander Khromov / Sonic Boom Studios

cover photo:
Fabian Pospiech / Fabz Black Fotos

the bit


This song (and video for it) was made for everyone who worships the gods and demons of Rock n Roll!

Performed by Oxomoco
with special guest Björn “El Avion” Vollmer | Demons Awake | on vocals


released January 17, 2021
written by the Melvins!

Brilliant Trio Instrumental Post German Rock, They use layered textures of Stoner, Psychedelic, Progressive, Metal, Doom, Melancholy, Experimental, and Space.

Its melodies are very well elaborated, refined, filled with riffs destructive, treble, precise, noisy, with beautiful fingers with an imperious virtuosism, a low destructor and a vigorous guiding revenue in both times, with clarinet refinements, bagpipe and vocals Evocative, murmuring.

Its melodies are immersive, disruptive, with a soft, growing cadence with multifaceted arrangements, and with impressive creativity, capable of providing a deep journey between chords and arpeggios uttered with sublime competence.

I was awarded when appreciating your debut album, bringing five perolias such as: “Home” (already available) a psychedelic melancholy painting of first line. “The Moment Before It Was Gone” (also available) This is my favorite, being a masterpiece , because Eclode in feelings with evocative vocals and clarinet, immersed in engaging fingering marked by perfect arrangements and with impeccable harmony elevating a magistral performace. “Nice and heavy particles, it is experimetal, immersive, explosive, metallized, with low destructors, beautiful chords in the jazz fusion line, passing to an insane metal of extreme competence.” Montana and the dirty blues “Mescles a stoner with blues, Detail the pipeline refined with implacable vigorism, absorbed in a gloomy arrangement that drains our soul.
And finalizing we have “Elpis M1” immersive with vocals, multifaceted, ending this album in a remarkable way and fidelizing your public by the spectacular work.

Aryon Maiden

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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