Gob Ribbons

Image inducing soundscapes and dynamic compositions spanning an emotional spectrum from contemplative to furious. That’s what the young band from Lucerne has to offer. Based on influences in Progressive Rock, Post Metal, Dark wave and many more, they are slowly carving out their own sound.  Gob Ribbons – Press KitProgressive- & Post-Rock from Lucerne – SwitzerlandImpartedContinuar lendo “Gob Ribbons”

Saturn Through My Telescope

Post-Rock/Blackgaze/Emo band based in Berlin. Through the lens of seeking human connection, Saturn Through My Telescope writes deep, jarring, emotional music that demands its listeners to feel. Saturn Through My Telescope is an instrumental band who blends the genres of Post-Rock, Blackgaze, Skramz, and Ambient. Using strong contrasts in dynamics and harmony, long tension andContinuar lendo “Saturn Through My Telescope”

Echoes From Jupiter

Echoes from Jupiter features a daring blend of abrasive guitars, atmospheric melodies and sonic experimentation, from Quebéc / Canadá. http://www.echoesfromjupiter.com/ Echoes from Jupiter evolves at the boundaries of experimental rock, shoegaze and post-rock. In 2009, the band launched its first EP, Io , which showcases its style. In 2010, the band published its first album Europa , featuring abrasive guitars,Continuar lendo “Echoes From Jupiter”

Romeo Bonvin

Post rock instrumental band from Switzerland. Biography Since 1999, Romeo Bonvin has been composing soundtracks for contemporary dance and theatre. In parallel, he self-produced 4 “electro” albums (game over/2003) (under/2004) (pathway/2006) (The noise of things/2019); synthetic sound tables between symphonic flights and dark furious beats. His four albums will allow him to perform in concert in severalContinuar lendo “Romeo Bonvin”


itlookslikeablackhole is an instrumental project out of Sacramento, California formed in 2018. The Ghosts in Your Blood LP was released in 2019 followed by This Will Be a Year to Forget in 2020 and So That Awe Can Illuminate in February 2021. FFO Mogwai & This Will Destroy You the project has been described as guitarContinuar lendo “itlookslikeablackhole”

Non È Nulla

Music project Lo-Fi, low-qual and all other possible “low”. Marco is a talented multi instrumentalist and post rock instrumental composer from Rome/Italy. His latest project is called “Non è nulla” , which means “nothing” but in Italian it has a double meaning that it doesn’t have in English. The album is called “Giove” recorded onContinuar lendo “Non È Nulla”

Jana Draka

Biography Jana Draka is an Italian Progressive band composed of Valerio Magli, Danilo Pantusa, Federico Aramini and Valentina D’Angelo. The project began in the Autumn of 2014, when Valerio Magli decided to form a Rock band with Luigi Conte on the drums, Lorenzo Cecchetti on the bass and Danilo Pantusa on the guitar. This group worked on the arrangement ofContinuar lendo “Jana Draka”

Black SeeD

Intsrumental Atmospheric Black Metal from France. One man band. This is my first album. Discography Farplane of Memories 1.Pandemonium 08:272.Espers 08:423.A Scent of Lavender 08:034.Endless Battles 08:325.Eternal Rain 07:176.hite Seeds 10:527.Old Knights 08:068.Cetra’s Memories 07:069.Dreaded Mist 10:12aboutThis album is composed of songs heavily inspired by video games themes, reworked in an atmospheric black metal way.YouContinuar lendo “Black SeeD”


“Frames aren’t a rock group. They are purveyors of great musical innovation, storytellers without words and as close to rock music as Sigur Ros are to the Beatles. This German four-piece Frames have set the bar intolerably high.”  Instrumental rock, Atmospheric, Post-rock, Germany, 2012 http://www.framesmusic.com/news.html Frames deliver complex songs of an instrumental nature. Packed fullContinuar lendo “Frames”


TerraTerra was born in 2015 somewhere in Russia as a piece of loneliness and melancholy. Cold and gloomy music, filled with despair and desperation, tells a story of a man, who’s destined to be the only human survivor, after Earth shook off all the people through the global cataclysm. https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/terraterra/eZqR Discography Krater 1.Always Alive 05:022.IntoContinuar lendo “TerraTerra”


Acoustic Dark Folk/Neofolk. Music to get lost to, from Netherlands. Discography Menhir 1.The Voyage 05:542.Ancient Rites 04:273.Vicariously, We Rest 04:334.Vagrants 07:385.The Oath 05:066.Forsake Us Not 04:347.Winds of Decay 03:528.A Lament for the End 05:509.Trials of Menhir 07:3110.Fall of Men 03:38about“From Stillness we’ve grown, In sorrow we thrive,Our archaic rituals, to keep us alive, The rootsContinuar lendo “Menhir”

Big Space

https://www.bigspaceband.com/ Big Space is an instrumental jazz-rock trio from Newfoundland & Labrador. The band consists of Grant King (Guitar), Ian Murphy (Bass) and Ashley Chalmers (Drums). On their 2021 sophomore album In Relation To, Big Space takes a jazz approach to nine original compositions ranging from contemporary jazz fusion to instrumental rock and atmospheric soundscapes,Continuar lendo “Big Space”


Instrumental post-rock band from Kraków, Poland. Yenisei is: Grzegorz Cisek – BassMichał Gawroński – DrumsPiotr Grobelny – GuitarsPiotr Klamiński – GuitarsRafał Piniaź – Keys, Pads, Synths Discography Reflections 1.Gravity 03:412.Waves 05:323.Aftermath 06:344.Bitter Cold 04:395.Abandoned 03:426.Blurred Horizon 05:447.No Escape 05:068.Memories of Times Before 05:479.All That You Could Become 06:0310.Returns 02:49creditsreleased October 22, 2021 All music writtenContinuar lendo “Yenisei”


http://www.katremusic.com/ Katre was formed by close friends towards the end of 2014. They explore the areas of post-rock / post-metal synthesized with classic eastern tunes and experiment on the sustain of the sound. The band takes its name from the old Arabic word katre which means the “drop”. The name refers to ingenuous melodious contributionsContinuar lendo “Katre”


Bloodyclerks mix multiple influences, collecting sounds from various musical styles, creating a hybrid style close to Doom Metal and Progressive Metal in their latest album, in which they show their own personality and ideas.Their music is in continuous evolution, and they have gone for songs without vocals in“Doldrums Combustion”, thus allowing a greater development andContinuar lendo “Bloodyclerks”


Instrumental postrock between 100 and 160 bpm, from Cologne, Germany. Bass, drums, guitar and electronics playfully play melodic songs with a short firing cord. VON MISES a Cologne based German trio with a classical line up and we play powerful post-rock with a short fuse. We already released our first self-titled EP within 3 TracksContinuar lendo “VON MISES”


Instrumental Band Post Metal, Idealized by Multi Instrumentist and Composer Andrés García Solares de Gijón, Spain. https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/andypunto/desprndete-de-tu-cuerpo-mortal-y-fndete-con-el-cielo-nocturno Brilliant Instrumental Post Metal, idealized by multi instrumentalist and composer Andrés Garcia Solares, uses multifaceted textures in layers of experimental, progressive, fusion, metal, on an atmospheric background. Its melodies are long, well-structured, immersive, intense, full of distorted riffs,Continuar lendo “Andypunto”


Peterborough Post Rock Band, UK https://www.lonesomeband.com/ https://linktr.ee/lonesomebanduk Discography Inure To Myself, From Myself (Live From All Saints Church) 1.To Myself (Live at All Saints Church) 04:242.Remember (Live at All Saints Church) 02:563.; (Live at All Saints Church) 04:064.Be Strong (Live at All Saints Church) 05:065.In The Heart You Have (Live at All Saints Church) 05:026.FromContinuar lendo “Lonesome”

Sigma Ori

Formed in Barcelona in 2017, Sigma Ori is an instrumental rock band that merges and involves different textures of rock, such as post-rock, progressive rock, stoner and metal. Members: Andrés – guitarsJoan – guitarsJose – drumsNoel – bass Discography Elliptical Orbits Advance track of new Sigma Ori album credits released August 13, 2021 Sigma Ori 1.Nebula 09:092.AureaContinuar lendo “Sigma Ori”


Threefifty has been called a post-rock band before, but that seems too plain – labeling the eclecticism of Threefifty’s sound requires something that gets more obnoxiously specific – perhaps post-minimalist-baroque-folk-rock. As Spinal Tap as that amalgam may sound, Threefifty has gotten their hands on something that rings authentic despite the fact that it’s never really beenContinuar lendo “Threefifty”

Noise Raid

Noise Raid are one of the best German instrumental metal bands. Noise Raid is music filled with emotions, an edge, a lot of effects and definitely not in need of lyrics or a singer. Noise Raid:Andreas Kirchermeier – guitarDaniel Glossner – guitarEtienne Jérôme – drumsJulian Schmid – bass Discography Space Weather 1.Ozelot (Live) 04:462.Untrue BypassContinuar lendo “Noise Raid”

What Aleph Said

What Aleph Said is a post-rock band based in Lausanne (Switzerland). What Aleph Said offers a raw and honest instrumental rock through long-version tracks using progressive structures.Influences: Russian Circles; If These Trees Could Talk; Pelican; Explosions in the Sky. Aeonia includes five tracks that lead listeners into a musical world that combines influences from post-rock,Continuar lendo “What Aleph Said”

Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters

Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters is a Post-Rock band formed in 2016 based out of Utah. Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters (google.com) Members Kate Hoffmeister – Vocals McKay Green – Guitar Kyson Van Dyke – Guitar Dan Ibarra – Bass Samuel Dumont – Drums Former Members and Contributions: Sean Patrick Murphy – Guitar,Continuar lendo “Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters”

Head with Wings

Head with Wings are storytellers of sound. Textured, ethereal, and blissfully haunting, the U.S. – based quartet creates boundary-pushing rock songs that straddle the aesthetic line between art music and narrative drama. A musical tapestry that spans epochs in terms of style, sound and substance. https://linktr.ee/HEADWITHWINGSMUSIC Members Andrew Testa – DrumsBrandon Cousino – GuitarsSteve HillContinuar lendo “Head with Wings”

Musk Ox

Musk Ox is a Canadian chamber folk trio featuring Nathanael Larochette (classical guitar), Raphael Weinroth-Browne (cello) and Evan Runge (violin). @muskox | Linktree Discography Inheritance 1.Inheritance (Part 1 – Premonition) 05:552.Inheritance (Part 2 – Hindsight) 17:313.Memoriam 06:014.Ritual 11:185.Weightless 07:10aboutSeven years since their widely celebrated sophomore record Woodfall, the elusive Canadian chamber folk trio Musk OxContinuar lendo “Musk Ox”

Echo Says Echo

Echo Says Echo is a post-rock band from Paris, France who creates complex ambiences, merging bright and gentle melodies with massive distorted guitars. The atmospheres constantly change and evolve while they explore different soundscapes. Emotional, powerfuland full of nuances, the sound captivates the listener. Behind the mysterious name, we see four musicians who met inContinuar lendo “Echo Says Echo”


Psychedelic/Post-Rock band from Italy. Bio Artichokes are a combustion spontaneous sound born on the banks of thesea. A trio that becomes the bearer of a sound in constant search of a difficultbalance between immediacy and experimentation, between authenticity andrefinement, between rationality and pure instinct. The result is a fiery flower from the various shades thatContinuar lendo “Artichokes”


A blend of blackened post rock tinged with shoegaze melancholia, ethereal minimal electronica and monumental distorted guitar cascades.Sombre soundscapes created with finesse and artistic devotion. Perdere (fanlink.to) Members All music written and composed by Gian Spalluto Gian Spalluto – Guitar, bass and synthsGiovanni Cilio @giovacilio – drums Discography Perdere released May 25, 2021All music writtenContinuar lendo “Australasia”


Lotus (wearelotus.in) Immersing listeners in cascading waves of rhythmic groove, atmospheric guitars and ambient harmonies, Lotus is a Pune-based Outfit that is pushing the envelope of genre based music, by fusing rock, prog, post-rock & electronic music to create magic. Members Siddharth Amarnath – guitars Robert Alex – Bass and Guitar Collin Francis – VocalsContinuar lendo “Lotus”


FALLING ELEVATORS (falling-elevators.com) GLEN was formed in 2015 in Berlin, Germany.CRACK is their first album release. As a mostly instrumental band with classic line up of two guitars, bass and drums, GLEN deconstructs popular and classical music genres scratching them together with experimental expression and attitude. GLEN revises the supposedly light atmosphere of melodic fragmentsContinuar lendo “GLEN”


Follow Decimals on Instagram to keep in touch and stay up to date @decimalsofficial Instrumental progressive metal band formed in 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. The new album “Symmetry” tells a space-related story of events and communication between different parallel universes and its inhabitants. An ode of survival and death in a space-time fabric. Members Alex BruContinuar lendo “Decimals”


We play instrumental post-metal. Blending elements of post-rock, black metal, doom, sludge and ambient in a filmscore inspired way. Members Dan Scrivener – GuitarsEthan Bishop – BassJames Scrivener – Drums Discography Acceptance 1.Wilderness 09:332.Resurgence 06:123.Supernova 07:164.Visions 10:425.Acceptance 07:006.Lavawalker 07:487.The Otherside 04:578.Descent 11:02aboutTREPREC049creditsreleased February 26, 2021 Mountainscape is: Dan Scrivener – GuitarsEthan Bishop – BassJames ScrivenerContinuar lendo “Mountainscape”


Trio that is temporary renting “Rock” genre, writing a new chapter in instrumental music, connecting progressive sounds with simplicity and feeling. Performing live in Cracow, Poland and nearby cities, now focusing on releasing new material.Newest release – Mini Album “Triangle”  Discography The Trip 1.November Sky 05:092.A Different Kind Of Driving3.Orange River4.Riding The WavesaboutHave you ever wantedContinuar lendo “DeWaiters”


We are Böira, a post-rock band based in Barcelona. Members Aleix Archs (guitar), Llobet (drums), Marc Rios (bass), Guillem Alberich (guitar), Núria Sanz i Tamayo (keys). Discography Cendres ~ Mineral 1.Torelló 08:362.Postcards 06:133.Obaga 05:284.Ø 02:515.Brot 05:556.Octubre 06:57creditsreleased April 23, 2021 Recordered at Aclam RecordsMixed by Marc Bòria at Estudi LabedobleMastered by Brad Boatright at AudiosiegeContinuar lendo “Böira”

Tomasz Piwecki

Poland’s progressive metal post instrumental. HiI’m Tomasz, I’m a solo musician.I play Ibanez RGIR27E and Ibanez RBM1 guitars,Thank you for visiting these pages. Discography Quantum 1.Titans Shadow 06:052.Intoxication 06:243.Prelude of Quantum 04:484.Quantum 06:455.Breath 07:106.Inside 03:367.Andromeda 04:218.Forgotten land 04:589.Adrenaline (feat. Liodee) 06:5610.Hidden Worlds 05:4111.Sphere (feat. Stel Andre) 04:24creditsreleased March 28, 2021 Time Line [EP] 1.Fractalize 02:562.CorossionContinuar lendo “Tomasz Piwecki”


Ambient Post-rock/Post-metal project based in Bergen, Norway. Bandcamp: https://bit.ly/3uOD9KD​Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3wGsFih​Apple Music: https://apple.co/2RspBGk​Tidal: https://tidal.com/album/177372436​Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialhwa…​Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/hwaino/ “We Lost Another Moon” recently passed 10 000 streams across all platforms. I love that. And I also love that people have been buying the album on Bandcamp after I uploaded it there, as I make about 150 times moreContinuar lendo “Hwaino”

Presence of Soul

Presence of soul Official site (coocan.jp) Japanese group PRESENCE OF SOUL is led by female singer and composer YUKI, who also handles guitars…, keyboards.She’s accompanied by a guitar player, a bass player and a drummer.Album “Blinds” was released by French progressive music label, Musea Records in December 2008. And the album was distributed in 12 countries,Continuar lendo “Presence of Soul”

Human Factor

HUMAN FACTOR – instrumental melodic post space-rock. The project was created in 2011 in Moscow. Current line-up: Pavel… Vorobyov – guitars and keyboardsSergey Volkov – keyboardsAlexander Meshcheryakov – bassKonstantin Shtirlitz – drums  Discography Observer 1.Gathering 01:162.Riding the Giants 05:263.Opal Voids 06:094.Sagittarius A* 06:255.Upstream 07:076.Sagittarius B 01:437.Himiko’s Lament 06:078.Naked Singularity 06:029.…and a Silver Lining 07:10aboutUNIVERSE IS INContinuar lendo “Human Factor”

Gather Your Quiet

Portland, Oregon post rock instrumental band. Though they take inspiration from MONO, Explosions in the Sky, Rachel’s, and Dirty Three, Gather Your Quiet refuses to be called… “just another post-rock band”. In a somewhat stagnant and mundane musical world, they will fill your lungs with a deep breath and then take it away again.  Members Chad Harris-guitar,glockenspiel,synth,piano,bass,vocalsTylerContinuar lendo “Gather Your Quiet”


Chilean Ricardo Jara Herrera musical project in Post Rock Environmental style. Discography Elementos 00:00​​ – 01. Elementos05:45​​ – 02. Agua11:31​ – 03. Aire16:36​​ – 04. Fuego21:15​​ – 05. Elementos (20) AUKIN – YouTube Review Brilliant musical project by Chilean Ricardo Jara Herrera of instrumental post rock, uses textures in layers of metal, heavy, ambient, cinematographic,Continuar lendo “AUKIN”

Balloons Kill Babies

Instrumental prog/post-rock/metal band from Brisbane, Australia @balloonskillbabies | Linktree Balloons Kill Babies (or BKB for short) are a Brisbane based heavy instrumental band led by Christian Carter and Karl O’Shea. A blend of metal, prog and post-rock, the band conjures labyrinthine yet emotionally cathartic soundscapes and lets the listener decide the meaning behind the music.Continuar lendo “Balloons Kill Babies”


BLACKSHAPE | Linktree BLACKSHAPE is an Post-Progressive Rock, Math Rock, Instrumental band from Salt Lake City, UT. Their forthcoming debut album, recorded and co…- produced by the legendary Matt Goldman (The Chariot, Underoath), is a study in maximalism—written and recorded as one continuous loop, the record plunges listeners into a complex journey of heavy, beautiful math.Continuar lendo “BLACKSHAPE”

fragments of an empire

Post rock instrumental band, experimental, classic, drone, shoegaze and jazz, from Graz, Austria <title> home (fragmentsofanempire.at) Members Armin Poglitsch – drumsDaniel Gutmann – guitarKlaus Wohlgemuth – guitarLisa Kaufmann – violinRenate Walter – fluteWerner Wohlgemuth – upright bass Discography exil 1.aphelious 07:072.solaris 15:413.ma 04:434.locked doors / drawn curtains 15:46creditsreleased July 1, 2017 recorded by Hannes KumkeContinuar lendo “fragments of an empire”


BUZZ is a three piece instrumental post-rock.stoner band from Budapest, Hungary. @BuzzMusicHungary | Linktree BUZZ is: Doszpoly Tamás – Guitars / Keys Void Pastrovics Martin – Bass Jajs Kriskovics Levente – Drums / Ocelots Discography Valium 1.Valium 08:012.Ragacs 04:163.Inside 07:25creditsreleased February 7, 2020 Videos Instrumental post rock trio from Budapest / Hungary, using textures inContinuar lendo “Buzz”

Fools In Love

Instrumental post rock by Josselin, France A couple both on stage and in reality, Fools In Love want to be the most symbiotic embodiment possible of their deepest musical… aspirations. At the crossroads of post-rock and modern classical worlds, forming a link between the aspirations, as much romantic as experimental, of Doug Scharin, Masayoshi Fujita and DubContinuar lendo “Fools In Love”


Instrumental Progressive Rock-Music from Germany Great news: We are going to release our first full-length album via Fluttery Records. We are happy to be part of this great label. Stay tuned for more information. Discography A Simple Act of Redirection 1.Quicksand 06:132.Impetus 06:583.Geyser 08:23aboutA SIMPLE ACT OF REDIRECTIONcreditsreleased March 6, 2018 All songs recorded, mixedContinuar lendo “Rædsel”

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster

Post-metal made in London. ‘Machinations’ is the latest single by UK based Post-Progressive rock band, Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster. Our riffs will hurt you, and our ambience will make you cry. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster Members Drew Vernon – Guitar, SynthesisersBen Wilsker- DrumsAndrea Longo- GuitarTom Granica – Bass Discography ‘Postsynaptic’ is the latest single byContinuar lendo “Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster”

Adam Dodson

Guitar-based instrumental music with a focus on live looping, ambient soundscapes, and melodic storytelling. @adam.dodson | Linktree Adam Dodson is a musician from Austin, Texas. He is one fourth of the post-rock band, Zealand The North. His multi-genre interests have led him to explore guitar-based instrumental music with a focus on live looping, ambient soundscapes,Continuar lendo “Adam Dodson”

The Bonus

The Bonus | Linktree The Bonus are an Australian instrumental three-piece, post-rock, jazz, experimental. Members Søren Risby – Viola, accordion, guitar, vocalsMatthew J. Carr – Guitar, bass guitar, synthCameron Phillips – Drums, percussion, electronics Discography On Every Street, A Snake 1.Silver Landscapes 05:322.It’s Been 04:143.Interlude (On Every Street, A Snake) 02:334.In The Red Room 06:035.CaliforniaContinuar lendo “The Bonus”

Perfect Paradox

Ambient Post-rock/Post-metal from Tehran, Iran. We Are the PerfectParadox.we translate the deepest feelings into music language. PerfectParadox – Official Website We Are the PerfectParadox.the most Perfect Paradox Worth Hearing. and this is how PerfectParadox was Born… MARCH 27, 2020 PerfectParadox was born! the very first Single track named “Passing Time” was released as a beginningContinuar lendo “Perfect Paradox”

Raphael Weinroth-Browne

Raphael Weinroth-Browne (The Visit, Musk Ox, Kamancello) channels the energy and intensity of a full metal band with his… solo cello performances. His highly virtuosic compositions evoke a sound world that is at once ancient and modern, all the while redefining expectations of how the cello should sound. Discography Worlds Within Live 1.Unending I – FromContinuar lendo “Raphael Weinroth-Browne”

Vic Petrella

I’m Vic Petrella, a post-rock artist from Italy. My music wants to combine post-rock sounds with electronic, ambient and symphonic elements. vic petrella – (R)esisto (jimdofree.com) VIC PETRELLA http://www.facebook.com/VicPetrella&nbsp; http://www.instagram.com/vicpetrella Vittorio Petrella, also known as Vic Petrella,was born in Foggia on May 20, 1996. Although he was linked to rock and metal music from an earlyContinuar lendo “Vic Petrella”


Heron (heronband.com) WE ARE HERON. Heron burned a path across the sky with the debut of their first full-length album in 2017, “You Are Here Now”. The record’s transcendent track, “Shores” has been featured on NPR’s Morning Edition and Spotify’s Deep Focus playlist. Its inflammatory counterpart, “Ender” is a musical alumnus of NPR’s All ThingsContinuar lendo “Heron”

Il Giardino degli Specchi

Il Giardino degli Specchi is an Ambient/Postrock band from Rome, Italy. Born in 2015 as an ambient duo, made of soundscapes obtained through the use of guitars, synths and voices as coming from other dimensions, the band has progressively evolved, including a rhythm section in the line-up.The sound of Il Giardino degli Specchi ranges fromContinuar lendo “Il Giardino degli Specchi”


• KAUAN was founded in 2005 by Anton Belov. KAUAN’s music evokes feelings of languor and nostalgia, drawing upon viola, choirs, slow and melancholic piano melodies, ambient vibes and a neoclassical approach. From Tallinn, Estonia. KAUAN (kauanmusic.com) KAUAN was formed in 2005 by Anton Belov and Alexander Borovykh in Chelyabinsk, nearly 2,000 kilometers east from Moscow intoContinuar lendo “Kauan”


Philadelphia post rock instrumental band, Pennsylvania. Oreana is a post-rock, instrumental solo project by Jill Paslier. Her debut album, The Desert was originally released under Jill Paslier in 2020. The 2021 album, Sunrise, Gold, features live drummers on most of the tracks- Jeremy Yurcaba on Broken Arrow and Sunrise, Gold; Dennis Abstiens (At The Grove)Continuar lendo “Oreana”


Instrumental post rock band from Adelaide, Australia Driven by analogue and digital synthesisers whilst blending organic and electronic elements, Alignments intertwines post rock, cinematic, ambient and electronic elements to create a listening experience intended to take you somewhere else whilst creating a relation to the physical. The songs are interrelated as a whole piece ofContinuar lendo “Kuiper”

Realm of Wolves

Realm of Wolves was formed early in 2018 by the members of vvilderness, Silent Island and other proj. Hungary’s Atmospheric Post-Black Metal instrumental. Members Stvannyr (Csarnogurszky István) – guitars, songwriting Ghöul – bass, songwriting Markó Ádám – drums Discography Fjordland / Nordland 1.Fjordland 07:002.Nordland 05:03about“Fjordland” is the first instrumental single from our upcoming full-lenght albumContinuar lendo “Realm of Wolves”

Notre Dame de la Colline – Poèmes fous pour herbes fraîches

Homepage – Founding our own Glorious Chapels (welcometothechapel.com) Founding our own Glorious Chapels is an artistic collective based in Nancy, France. Art doesn’t matter. People do. The collective is composed of five branches. † The Chapels : Multicultural and international musical collaborations. † Les Concerts de la Colline : House concerts. † Wild Hillfest :Continuar lendo “Notre Dame de la Colline – Poèmes fous pour herbes fraîches”

Movement Of Static

Naegleria by Movement of Static – DistroKid about Movement of Static is a cinematic post rock metal band based in Thessaloniki, Greece. In 2016 they released Novelty Seekers.In their new album “Naegleria” which is released in 2018 they were experimented with new sounds and instruments. Their purpose is to make interactive live performances and to collaborate withContinuar lendo “Movement Of Static”


Post-rock band from Strasbourg, France. Discography Split [IntoTheTide​]​/​Oak 1.Alaska… 10:572.… and beyond. 03:04aboutPhysical copies available on November 9th, 2013.Limited to 300 transparent clear vinyl, with a 1 color screenprinted cover. You can order the LP through the following labels : Emotionally Unstable Rds (FR)Dingleberry Rds (DE)Voice of the Unheard Rds (FR)Revolvermann Rds (DE)Impure Muzik RdsContinuar lendo “Oak”


Post rock from southern Sweden.Sejd are:Anton Toresson,Mårten Wiklund,Robin Sandquist,Sebastian Falk,Joel Wååg &Sebastian Mårtensson Dear friends. After the release of Stella and the lovely response it got we’d like to give you a small update of the bands current status.During the last few months our drummer Anton and our guitarist Mårten decided to leave the band.Continuar lendo “Sejd”

November Might Be Fine

Silesian band founded by ex-members of Heath.Complex instrumental pieces are full of heavy, post-metal fragments gently contrasted by sensitive, melodic passages. Throughout expressing images of emotions, experiences and considerations, music provides decidedly personal character and unique sound. November Might Be Fine are:Bartosz Walter – guitarIwo Nowak – bassPiotr Szwarnóg – drums  Discography South 1.Wandering stars 10:222.WithContinuar lendo “November Might Be Fine”

Poppy Ackroyd

Poppy Ackroyd is a composer from London, currently based in Brighton. Classically trained on violin and piano, she makes music by manipulating and multi-tracking sounds from just these two instruments. Her debut album ‘Escapement’ was released in December 2012 and a DVD – ‘Escapement Visualised’ – featuring bespoke visuals by Lumen for each track onContinuar lendo “Poppy Ackroyd”


Madrid’s TOUNDRA aren’t an ordinary instrumental band. They are as influenced by the big names of progressive and rock as they are by the many faces punk and alternative rock. These cross-cultural, pan-generational inspirations have had a significant impact on the Spanish quartet. Throughout their career, starting with 2007, these rockers have been inspired byContinuar lendo “Toundra”

Daliborovo Granje

Daliborovo Granje are a 4 man psychedelic/experimental/post rock band from the Međimurje county in Croatia formed in 2014. The name of the band is a Croatian term meaning Dalibor’s Branches – Dalibor being a common Croatian name, and branches as in tree branches. The band strictly plays instrumental music, which is heavily influenced by variousContinuar lendo “Daliborovo Granje”

Cédric Vermue

Cedric Vermue is a Dutch composer and producer of neo-classical music. His work is stylized by a blend of classical styles and instruments, mostly piano and strings, combined with contemporary electronic elements. The music’s aesthetics are strongly based upon the principle of stillness and slowing down. His recent interests include analog synths, organ and Gregorian chant.  Continuar lendo “Cédric Vermue”

The Evpatoria Report

Atmospheric, Instrumental, Ambient, Post-rock, Experimental rock, Switzerland, 2005 Line-up / Musicians – Laurent Quint / guitar– Simon Robert / guitar– Daniel Bacsinszky / violin, keyboards– David Di Lorenzo / bass– Fabrice Barney / drums, glockenspiel Discography Maar 1.Eighteen Robins Road 16:532.Dar Now 14:093.Mithridate 10:564.Acheron 19:35aboutRecorded and mixed by Serge Morattel in Winter & Spring 2007Continuar lendo “The Evpatoria Report”

Spellbound Circle

Spellbound Circle is an Italian instrumental rock trio, formed in 2014 in Bergamo. Their sound Is a blend of genres encompassing progressive, post rock, grunge and a tad of psychedelia. In November 2019 they released their debut LP titled Escalation. Home | Spellbound Circle (wixsite.com) Line-up Michele Banfi – Guitar and Pedals Aurelio Pizzuto –Continuar lendo “Spellbound Circle”


Cinematic post rock from France. flyingdeadman – post-rock & vidéo (wordpress.com) LINE UP Damien: drums Tof: bass Fab: guitar Aurel: guitar / samples / video Roolyo: direction sound BIO “Created almost fifteen years ago in Bressuire, in Les Deux-Sèvres, but having undergone several line-up changes, flyingdeadman after three duet albums is now a quartet. FromthenContinuar lendo “flyingdeadman”


Post-Rock Band, Math Rock, Instrumental from Tallinn, Estonia. Kaschalot is a blend of different tastes of all four musicians. From melancholy to kick-ass riffs. Just doing what we love! Line-up / Musicians – Aleksandr Ivanov / guitars– Sulo Kiivit / guitars– Dmitri Orlov / bass– Sten Loov / drums Discography Zenith 1.Supernova 06:212.Mothership 04:283.Beacons 05:104.DistantContinuar lendo “Kaschalot”

Where Mermaids Drown

Post-Rock band from Lyon, France « And the raging winds do blow », first EP out April 9. @Wheremermaidsdrown | Linktree Discography And the raging winds do blow 1.One Week 08:262.Mydriasis3.Brine PoolaboutUS customers : linktr.ee/wheremermaidsdrowncreditsreleases April 9, 2021 Written by where mermaids drown.Recorded at Pierrick’s home studio.Mixed & Mastered by Jason Sissoyev (Coastlands, The Sun Burns Bright,Continuar lendo “Where Mermaids Drown”


Instrumental Post/Prog/Art/Whatever Rock from Cologne, Germany. Noorvik Line-up / Musicians – Hennes Ernst / guitar– Johannes Schreiter / guitar– Dominik Hornung / bass– Arnd Finke / drums Bio Since 2016, the Cologne band Noorvik has been combining spherical melodies with hard rhythms. The quartet merges dynamic arcs of tension with progressive song structures into anContinuar lendo “Noorvik”

The Clouds Will Clear

The Clouds Will Clear – Postrock from Frankfurt, Germany. Check out the live session of our new single ‘In Cycles’ at Cold Skin Studio: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX0Lh7W0CfY&feature=youtu.be Members Angelo – Guitars, Synths, SamplesTobias – Guitars, SynthsAndreas – BassGerold – Drums, Visuals Discography Recollection Of What Never Was 1.In Cycles 07:092.Recollection 06:223.Before The Tempest 06:064.Attack Warning 05:175.Deep Sea MiningContinuar lendo “The Clouds Will Clear”

inspired by illusions

post-rock from ludwigsburg, germany. INSPIRED BY ILLUSIONS Illusions. They play with our thoughts. Fictions seem real. They reveal new perspectives, are deceptive hopes. Imagination and illusion at the same time.This or something like that could be used to describe the inspiration for our music, which moves in the field of tension between the genres ofContinuar lendo “inspired by illusions”


Astralia was born in La Floresta (Barcelona) in November 2010. After searching from different musical styles, decided to… create songs with new sounds, new atmospheres, new textures, often governed by the simplicity of a few notes. Songs that demand their time, their pauses.  BIOGRAPHY Astralia was born in La Floresta in November 2010, from the union ofContinuar lendo “Astralia”


Spurv is an instrumental rock band from Oslo, Norway. Spurv is an instrumental postrock/metal band from Oslo, Norway. Today, the lineup includes Gustav Jørgen Pedersen (guitar, main composer), Herman Otterlei (guitar), Hans-Jakob Jeremiassen (bass), Simon Ljung (drums),  Eirik Ørevik Aadland (guitar) and Simen Eifring (trombone). The band saw the light of day in the beginningContinuar lendo “Spurv”


cataya was founded in early 2014 to free and live their fantasies. they live in different places of germany and belgium and came from… different european countries – germany, belgium, spain – with different cultural backgrounds. several projects like carambolage (crblg), arryn, itinérant and straat were previous outlets on their musical journey. BIOGRAFIE – CATAYA (cataya-band.com) MembersContinuar lendo “Cataya”

Sisters of…

St. Joseph, Missouri post metal instrumental band. Sisters of… is a genre-defying project from St. Joseph, Missouri. Multi-instrumentalist Aaron Coker (ex Appleseed Cast, Reggie & The Full Effect) reinvents the traditional interpretation of a ‘band,’ hand-picking a rotating cast of fellow colleagues to collaborate on Sisters of… material. Tired of musical limitations, Coker’s idea of blending heavy and atmosphericContinuar lendo “Sisters of…”


BRUME is a solo project from Nice, France created by Gaëtan Zampa (First Came the Shadow, TERRARIUM) inspired by post-rock, post-metal, ambient music, conceptual art, minimalism and cinema. His debut EP “Tunnel” has been released in november 2020 while the first album is currently in progress. ′′ Tunnel ′′ offers five short instrumental pieces, intendedContinuar lendo “BRUME”

Ships Fly Up

Post rock, electronic, instrumental from Samara, Russia. My name is Egor Fedotov. I’m a music composer, a dreamer, and a creator of the Ships Fly Up project. I hope my music will… give you some pleasant and unusual experience. Ships Fly Up’s peace is a combination of deep post-rock motifs and electronics. Discography Love and FreedomContinuar lendo “Ships Fly Up”


Post metal instrumental band from Leipzig, Germany. Layered textures groove heavy low end focused instrumental music with foundations in metal that also features wellplaced emphasis on more traditional upbeat rock styling. For those post-rock enthusiasts who find themselves concerned about heading down paths characterized by reserved rhythmic tendencies or a lack of dynamic flourishes, rejoiceContinuar lendo “jeffk”

Empires of Light

Keyboard warrior made of roughly 70% water. Post-Rock, Instrumental from Portland, Oregon. Members Tyler Jass: DrumsJosh Riggs: Everything else Discography How To Build A Monolith 1.Malariff 06:162.Sailors And Sirens 05:313.Leviathan Down 06:024.Violet Andromeda 04:555.Burn The Sky 05:58 creditsreleased March 5, 2021 Violet Andromeda released February 10, 2021Josh Riggs: Everything but drumsTyler Jass: Drums Brilliant instrumentalContinuar lendo “Empires of Light”


Your friendly neighbourhood guitarist post rock from Germany. Discography Hiraeth Hiraeth. Welsh / n. / hira.ɪ̯θ / heerr-ithe. Longing for one’s homeland, with nostalgia and wistfulness.(Lomas, Tim. (2020). Lexicography (listed by theme).) Going thorugh tough times, I always get lost reminiscing about the past, thinking about home. Where is your home? What makes it aContinuar lendo “Czypi”


Nordsind is an instrumental post rock/blackgaze duo from Copenhagen Denmark. The band sprung from the underground hardcore and metal scene in early 2017 and consists of drummer Ole and guitarist Asger. Nordsind was founded to give the members a creative outlet, that they couldn’t get, in the respective bands. After having spent 6 month writing,Continuar lendo “Nordsind”


Band instrumental post gloomy rock in the abyss between subgenres: noise, metal, jazz and grindcore, from VD, Switzerland. CONVULSIF is a collective around the bass player Loïc Grobéty. The band focuses to an enriched tension between composition and improvisation in powerful sounds. After two conceptual CDs in crossover style – Jazz, Metal, Classic, Free –Continuar lendo “Convulsif”


A few people laughed, a few people cried, most people were silent.” –Robert Oppenheimer Krane is a four-piece band from Basel, founded in 2012, that moves the audience with their intense instrumental Post-Metal. Musical landscapes are painted with intricate sounds to swathe the listener in an atmospheric ambiance, only to be brought back to realityContinuar lendo “KRANE”


Instrumental post rock band from Kiev, Ukraine. Members Igor Sidorenko – guitarNatasha Pirogova – drumsMarkku Nykoliuk – ViolinAsya Makarova – bass Discography Nightbound 1.Stringer Bell 13:202.No Pressure, Choice is Yours 07:043.So Quietly Falls the Night 11:204.Marching for the Freedom We Have Lost 10:12about“Nightbound” is definitely our most mature and challenging work to date. “Little Victories”Continuar lendo “Krobak”

Into Orbit

Born from a collaboration between guitarist Paul Stewart and drummer Ian Moir, Into Orbit formed in 2013 in Wellington, New Zealand. Like their contemporaries Russian Circles, Jakob, and Explosions in the Sky, the New Zealand-based instrumental rock duo have a knack for creating emotionally affecting music through texture and melody. From its sublime heights toContinuar lendo “Into Orbit”


Audiolepsia is an instrumental prog/post-rock band from Barcelona.Emotive melodies, full force moments, amazing and intense atmospheres. Audiolepsia – Website of prog/post rock band Audiolepsia Bio MEMBERS Ángel de las Heras: GuitarNico Galindo: GuitarJordi de las Heras: Bass guitarÓscar de las Heras: Drums CV In 2011, the members of Audiolepsia band decided to escape from commonContinuar lendo “Audiolepsia”


A four-piece instrumental band emerging from fields close to post-rock, progressive and ambient, from Poznań, Poland. Our music is made of emotions and energy mixed with space and time to take a rest. Our first album – “Identity” – was released on February 2017. Members The quartet consists of guitar players Dawid Maciejski and Błażej Drótkowski, bass player ŁukaszContinuar lendo “Ayden”


Greek instrumental band of post metal. Discography A Collection Of Disturbances 1.A New Perspective 04:592.I, Specular 04:393.The Shutter 01:344.Illumination 06:095.Resolve To Infinity 04:546.Far Field Echoes 04:457.Colors 05:058.Visual Lost 05:159.The Projection 02:16aboutMixed & Mastered at Ergosphere Studioshttp://www.facebook.com/ErgosphereStudioscreditsreleased January 10, 2021 Special thanks to Matthew Pediaditis and Sot D for their support and ideas on ‘Illumination’ andContinuar lendo “Superlens”


PSYCHONAUT is a psychedelic post-metal collective from Mechelen, Belgium. Unfold the God Man – Psychonaut (smarturl.it) Their signature sound is heavily influenced by 70’s bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, but also draws inspiration from more modern sources like Tool and Amenra. PSYCHONAUT literally came from out of nowhere –Mechelen, Belgium, to be precise– butContinuar lendo “Psychonaut”


We are a band of post-rock ,shoegaze , Experimental , Alternative , Indie music . Anfiorester is a Venezuelan band based in Madrid, Spain. Members Bass: Galathain-(Jhadiel in Event Horizon)Synths: Jhadiel Rincón Pérez & GalathainGuitars : Jhadiel Rincón Pérez & GalathainVocals : Jhadiel Rincón Pérez & GalathainDrums: Alexander Rincón Pérez Discography All The Past LightsContinuar lendo “Anfiorester”


Instrumental music and dissonant atmospheres leading from confusion to ascension. Melodies with intermittent dissimilar noises in random temporal fractions that are born and die to re-emerge c.2014. Members Gibrana Cervantes, violinDavid Herrera (Chavito), bassIvan La Comadreja Almanza, drumsJosé Cortés, guitar-static Discography Live 316 1.Abrahel 18:062.Ascenso – Descenso / Djinn 23:19aboutThis album was recorded during itsContinuar lendo “Vyctoria”


Leech is a Swiss post-rock band formed in 1995 in Oftringen, Aargau. http://www.leech.ch Founding members Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer Marcel Meyer Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer Urs Meyer Drums, Percussion Serge Olar Current line-up Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer Marcel Meyer Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer Urs Meyer Drums, Percussion Serge Olar Piano, Synthesizer Tobias Schläfli Guitar, Bass Dave Hofmann Stefan Hell History The album Instarmentalwas released in 1996, which was recordedContinuar lendo “Leech”

A Good Man Goes To War

A Good Man Goes To War is the sound of an image, the photo of an expression, the color of a memory. The band comes from the north of Italy, combines the instrumental influences of post-rock music with the enthralling atmospheres typical of cinema soundtrack, creating a sound that describes emotions where words are not enough. Continuar lendo “A Good Man Goes To War”

Jari Lindholm

Jari Lindholm, musician and mixing engineer from Stockholm, Sweden. Member of Enshine, Exgenesis and since 2020 also releasing music under own name. Previousely in Seas of Years, Slumber, AtomA . Post Rock, combines the styles of instrumental landscapes with atmospheric metal riffs and melodies. Discography Trajectories 1.Derelict 05:302.The Underpass 03:483.Nostalgia 05:234.Mare Balticum 04:215.July Sundown 04:266.DisequilibriumContinuar lendo “Jari Lindholm”

Shadow Universe

“IT IS BY FOLLOWING THE LIGHT, YOU ARE LED INTO THE DARK“ …and then the fireworks begin. Stars light up and explode, spewing their element through space. As the visible universe gradually takes shape, dark and ordinary matter act like parallel universes. This luminous grandeur, is just a visible fringe in contrast to a much vaster andContinuar lendo “Shadow Universe”


Band post rock, alternative from Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. MEMBERSGuitar, Vocal : Nattawat ChatratsameekulGuitar : Atip RattanaponGuitar : Phahonyood BoodjuBass : Ramate PrasertklangDrums : Pongsan Khongmee Discography Different Men Different Mind 1.ในใจ | Thoughtful 05:302.๕๗๖๐ | 5760 10:373.พุ่ง | Sprint 07:074.ยาหลอก | Sugar Pill 11:035.อยากรู้ | Seek Out 09:28aboutDifferent Men Different Mindcreditsreleased November 7, 2018 CREDITSComposedContinuar lendo “AVADA”


Hylem is a Neoclassical / Post-rock / Post-black metal one man project from Puerto Montt, Chile. Founded in 2012 by E.L. Sites: Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2NgIlpX​Spotify: http://spoti.fi/3rFaOVE​Deezer: http://bit.ly/2OkqIpP​Apple Music: http://apple.co/3qc97Pc​SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/2SwZjzz (5) HYLEM – Tema – YouTube Discography We Will Never Be The Same 1.Queerer Than We Can Suppose 07:282.Now We Know How 07:313.Sculpted By Change 09:544.When WeContinuar lendo “Hylem”


Hailing from Palermo, Italy, 42DE is a great post-rock band that is known to create wonderful post-rock pieces. After four long years spent composing, contemplating, reviewing and improving their work, Italy’s post-rock band, 42DE are coming out with their first full-length work: “Fall of the Moon”. The album represents a summary of all the experiencesContinuar lendo “42DE”

This Patch of Sky

We play music without words to communicate without language. This Patch of Sky is a cinematic post rock band from Eugene, Oregon, USA and are known for creating slow burning ambient passages accompanied by heavy guitar laden crescendos. They have been in the post rock scene from 2011 and since then the band has slowlyContinuar lendo “This Patch of Sky”

Secret Stanley

Original band from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. Driven by making their own music and influenced by bands that have followed… conventional formulas, they begin this journey of self-discovery and experimentation. Finding in instrumental rock, a base from which to start. Secreto Stanley, is a group originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico and was born on August 16,Continuar lendo “Secret Stanley”


BRUIT \ˈbrü-ē\ [French, literally, noise] is a post-rock/modern classical quartet from Toulouse, France. Biography BRUIT ≤ – Elusive Sound (elusive-sound.com) Emerging from the ashes of several pop bands, the project was born of the desire of its members to turn their backs on the majors and return to a process of creation without constraints.Initially theContinuar lendo “BRUIT”

Ziriphon Fireking

We are Post-rock, Instrumental, Ambient Music Record Label of Bangkok, Thailand Discography 1.Ziriphon Fireking – Ziriphon (สิริพร) 03:112.Detonation 05:073.เสียงของความเงียบ (10Hz) Feat.JOE 05:424.Sapling In Lava Feat.ATTA 05:025.201.1 Km 06:486.With hope 06:017.Well 06:328.Ready (พร้อม) 08:429.Fireking 05:34aboutZiriphon Fireking is Post-rock, Instrumental band from Chiangmai, Thailandand now also in Music Label “Newlights Production” Newlights Production is Thailand Post-rock, Ambient,Continuar lendo “Ziriphon Fireking”

Burning Bones

One piece Post-Rock band, based in Melbourne, Australia. Discography Someway / Somehow Sirens Sad Summers Day Funeral Pyre ft. KAIAR Funeral Pyre (Instrumental) Soft Like Silk; Bright Like Gold Youth Burning Bones (2) Burning Bones – Tema – YouTube (3) Burning Bones | Facebook Music | Burning Bones (bandcamp.com) Burning Bones (@burning_bones_postrock) • Fotos eContinuar lendo “Burning Bones”

Undercover Rabbis

Undercover Rabbis are a three-piece heavy rock band influenced by post-rock and doom, from Clifton, New Jersey. Members Sam – DrumsSteve Captain Explosion – Guitar/VocalsEvilJekyll – Bass About Us Originally founded by guitarist Steve and drummer Umar (Binary Code) circa 2006, the band soon added Matt on bass. The Rabbis thereafter recorded their First album,Continuar lendo “Undercover Rabbis”

The Gleam Of Last Light

Atmospheric/Melodic Metal/Post Rock Project from Athens, Greece. Thanassis Mavrakis Guitars, Bass (2016-present) Discography Existence 1.Birth 08:552.Ephemeral Bliss 06:493.Conviction 05:304.Collapse 05:375.Vanity 07:256.Decay 06:287.The Fall 04:448.Void 02:45creditsreleased February 10, 2021 Produced, Mixed, Mastered by The Gleam Of Last Light Where Hearts Return 1.Where Hearts Return 09:092.Cerulean 06:333.Serein 03:584.Lost Memories 04:585.Frost Flowers 08:446.Intertwined 10:00creditsreleased May 27, 2019 Produced, Mixed,Continuar lendo “The Gleam Of Last Light”

When Waves Collide

Instrumental post-rock band from Paris. When Waves Collide (ffm.bio) Members Andrea Gallo – DrumsRaylan Peralta – guitarTimothée Valentini – bass, keyboardsAdrien Deurveilher – guitar, keyboards Discography Chasm 1.The Fallen 04:322.Cataclysm 05:553.Dark Matter 03:524.Chimera 07:115.Omen 05:236.Stranding 02:32about👉🏻 ffm.to/chasm!BC “Chasm” is the story of a civilization at the edge of collapsing. Human void or geologic fault, oneContinuar lendo “When Waves Collide”


Instrumental, Drone, Ambient, Post-Rock, Post-Metal from Germany Members: Drums – Johannes Dose Guitar – Johannes Schaffer Bass – Falko Schneider Discography Kaskade 1.Ackerland 06:262.Wildnis 04:523.Muttererde 05:574.Saat 06:065.Derbholz 06:196.Morast 07:347.Kaskade 05:408.Irrlicht 02:44creditsreleased January 31, 2020 recorded between oct. 2017 and may 2019 atInstitut für angewandten Krach (ifak-audio.de) SARKH – Tema – YouTube SARKH 1.Ackerland 06:262.Muttererde 06:143.WildnisContinuar lendo “Sarkh”


IKITAN – Band bio IKITAN is a heavy post-rock trio with a pinch of stoner and progressive, led by a jam session-like attitude. Formed in 2019 in Genoa, Italy, IKITAN is Luca “Nash” Nasciuti (guitar), Frik Et (bass) and Enrico Meloni (drums and cowbell). The band’s self-released debut “Twenty-Twenty” is a one-track instrumental EP lastingContinuar lendo “IKITAN”


Finnish instrumental band, formed in December 2008 in Jyväskylä from Finland. Members Iiro Teittinen (Guitar)Matti Puhakainen (Guitar)Janne Koskenkorva (Bass)Esa Starck (Drums and Percussion) Discography Another Second Chance 1.Third 08:272.While The World Sleeps3.My Golden Cage 06:184.Hardly Even Here5.Long May ReignaboutThe song themes are inspired by individual experience of disorientation and losing your inner self. Album isContinuar lendo “Baulta”


Hi, I’m Bartek and this is my one-man music alternative, instrumental, ambient, post-rock project from Poland . Creating music is my greatest passion. I play a variety of instruments and love to experiment with unreal soundscapes. I write, record and mix myself. I guess I prefer to work alone… https://blarescape.fanlink.to/fZfD?fbclid=IwAR26E0cVWu_ZC8sHMgwFavBT2-I1XJKYK_iY0yU9Guj4qxWSeGbVTHefxTQ Discography Sleep Well released August 6,Continuar lendo “Blarescape”

High Altitude Nuclear Explosion – HANE

H.A.N.E is an instrumental band from Palermo, Italy. The project is born in 2016 as a duo and it has evolved through time, becoming a six piece instrumental band with post-rock/progressive/alternative influences.Currently the band has finished the recording sessions of their first album “Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth” Members Phil CavigliaContinuar lendo “High Altitude Nuclear Explosion – HANE”

Yndi Halda

On its four-track, roughly hour-long debut album, this English band adheres closely to the tension/release kind of post-rock. Yndi Halda, meaning “enjoy eternal bliss”, hail from the most Southern, Eastern tip of the UK. More joyous than Explosions In The Sky, less vocal than Arcade Fire, it’s the kind of music which could soundtrack aContinuar lendo “Yndi Halda”


Instrumental, post-rock, ambient music from the depths of the ocean. Kiev, Ukraine. Music that was woven of stars and cosmic dust. Pierced by the light of the distant galaxies and by the darkness of black holes. Members Максим – guitarИван – drumsДенис – bass Discography Panorama 1.Hands 09:032.Echoes 08:433.Hive 06:484.Panorama 07:005.Immersion 07:586.Waves 05:477.Illusions 06:208.Ritual 06:05creditsreleasedContinuar lendo “Alinda”

Lost in Kiev

Lost In Kiev from Paris, France. Members Yoann Vermeulen : Drum / SamplesMaxime Ingrand : Guitar / SynthsDimitri Denat : GuitarJean christophe Condette : Bass / Synths Christian Simon : Bass ( past)Julien Chaplet : Keyboard (past)Philippe Khalilian : Guitar (past) Lost in Kiev’s progressive energy leads to oneiric epic post rock while still emitting theContinuar lendo “Lost in Kiev”

A spark in the void

Colliding emotionally-charged guitar riffs and thrashy drums with buckets of ambience. Instrumental Post-metal/Post-rock from Munich, Germany. BIOGRAPHY Since the dawn of mankind, people have sought out ways to cope, to express and to draw inspiration from. For instrumental post-metal project ‘A Spark In The Void’ (stylized: ‘a spark in the v(*)id’), music ticks all threeContinuar lendo “A spark in the void”

The Metaphor

The Metaphor is an instrumental post-rock band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Most of their songs aren’t available on streaming services (except Spotify, link below), but we highly recommend you to check out the entire album. Consistently good. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LQEIM22 http://open.spotify.com/album/39GV6ygF3Ck76FDLKbGeUZ https://www.facebook.com/themetaphor (3) The Metaphor – Tema – YouTube Discography Videos Spectacular band from Malaysia, with layeredContinuar lendo “The Metaphor”


A post-rock collective from the north of Sweden. Space is the place. Planetariet is a post-rock band with it’s roots in northern Sweden among the northern lights and midnight sun. The band started it’s journey many years ago in the small town of Skelleftea. The inspiration comes from outer space, in other words, the musicContinuar lendo “Planetariet”

Fires Burn Low

Post Rock / Heavy Instrumental from the Great White North.(Alberta, Canada) Fires Burn Low is a 2 piece instrumental rock project. Members Mike Williamson – Guitars & BassJohn Page – Drums Discography The Remaining Landscape 1.A Light That Ignites 10:472.Descend The Caldera 09:363.Remembrance 06:334.After This All Ends 11:43aboutMike Williamson – Guitars & BassJohn Page –Continuar lendo “Fires Burn Low”


Locomotora is an instrumental post-rock band from Tampere, Finland formed in 2006. Besides post-rock, Locomotora leans towards ambient, experimental and minimal music. There have made 3 LPs so far – S/T (November, 2009), This very holding back (Jan 2013) and Vuodet, vuoret (March 2018). Locomotora: Jussi Heino, Jussi Heinonen, Juha Pippola, Mikko Soukkala, Arttu ÄikäsContinuar lendo “Locomotora”

Myriad Drone

Melbourne based cinematic Post-Metal from Christchurch, New Zealand. “Haunting and somehow nostalgic, Myriad Drone produce an enigmatic form of cinematic post-rock. While the genre has become bloated and somewhat formulaic, Myriad Drone manage to avoid being part of this over-saturation through immensely compelling compositions and impeccable interpretation of melody and movement.” – Ben Read OnContinuar lendo “Myriad Drone”

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